Wendover to Coombe Hill walk 10.4 km (6.5 miles)

Wendover to Coombe Hill
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This Wendover to Coombe Hill walk of 10.4 km takes you up to 257 m (845 ft). At this highest point, Coombe Hill there is a fantastic view over the Vale of Aylesbury. Coombe Hill. The climb total for the whole walk is 245m (803 ft).

The walk begins and end in the library car park in central Wendover. From this start you pass a part of the HS2 construction, go up and down over the rolling Chiltern Hills and through a long section of woodland. This woodland section is part of the hilltop that leads to Coombe Hill and the wonderful views across much of Buckinghamshire.

The final part of the route passes through farm land and finally back into Wendover.

Wendover to High Scrubs

Just outside Wendover the path iOS pushed aside
HS2 gets in the way

The inspiration for this walk came from the Visorando web site which describes it as an easy 6 km walk. However we soon deviated from the planned route. The first deviation was imposed on us by HS2. Rather than crossing the field directly the path now is touring the outside of some very unattractive HS2 fences.

Back on track the route passes by some attractive houses and then heads through a couple of fields up to Cosgrove Wood.

There are great views on the Wendover to Coombe Hill walk
Looking back at the climb and attractive countryside

As the path joins Cosgrave Wood it also temporarily merges with the Ickneld Way and takes you up to the High and Low Scrubs.

The Scrubs Wood to Coombe Hill

The area known as Scrubs is divided into two parts, High and Low. The whole Scrubs area is a typical Chiltern beech wood with ash, cherry, oak and a few conifers. The High Scrubs section of nearly 34 acres is up for sale (as of 13 July 2020) at £270,000. However, any purchaser would have to endure lots of walkers tramping across their land.

This Scrubs woodland is part of the ridge that leads to Coombe Hill. Even in July the path was quite muddy, so boots would definitely be required during winter.

At the gate to Coombe Hill open space a sign said “The cows are back”. The sign was absolutely correct. Just to emphasise this there was a small herd near the sign. Walk this route and you may or may not encounter the cows. On this occasion the cows moved quietly aside.

Coombe Hill itself has one large monument to the Boer War.

Coombe Hill Boer War monument erected at the beginning of the 20th century
Buckinghamshire Councillors celebrate the Boer War victory

The face of the statute looks over the Vale of Aylesbury. Around the statue the crowds gather to sit and admire the view. And what a view, it stretches for miles into the distance across fertile English countryside.

The highpoint of the Wendover to Coombe Hill walk are the panoramic views
The panorama from Coombe Hill

Look down the hill to the left and see Chequers, the official country home of the Prime Minister. This beautiful country mansion is set 1000 acres of countryside and has been the home of the PM since 1921.

From Coombe Hill you can see the prime ministers country house, Chequers
A glimpse of Chequers from Coombe Hill

The house was built in the 16th century and has connections with Oliver Cromwell.

Down Coombe Hill and long walk home

Directly in front of the Boer War memorial is a steep path that descends into the vale below. Here is the local golf club and the path passes in front of the club house and practice putting green. When the route leads to a stile it enters a series of fields.

Walking beside the fields of wheat on the return to Wendover

In July these fields are high with wheat and barley that is not quite ready for harvesting. But the track is fully exposed to the elements with little cover, so it can be really hot when the sun is out and really wet when it rains.

After the field tour the way crosses between the buildings of Wellwick Farm and joins the Aylesbury Ring Walk a 32 mile way which circles Aylesbury. Just before you rejoin the road back into Wendover there is a local village cricket club.

On July 12 2020 the cricket pitch was in use for the first time this year.

Wendover Cricket club play their first game of the season

This is a picture that is so typically English and has been absent from our countryside all this year.

The pathway quickly joins the Ellesborough Road and the Wendover to Coombe Hill walk is over after crossing the A413 and the railway line.

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