The quiet route to Pen y Fan, breathtaking views all the way

There are many ways to climb the highest mountain in the Brecon Beacons. Here we describe the quiet route to Pen y Fan. Avoid the crowds and enjoy some spectacular views on both the ascent and descent, as well as the summits of Pen y Fan and Corn Du. This is a loop walk so every step provides a different experience.

The tour took us just over 3 ½ hours of walking time to cover the 7.2 miles (11.6 km). In the process we climbed over 2,000 ft (620 m) so you need to be reasonably fit to complete the circuit.

Cwm Gwdi

Our quiet route to Pen Y Fan began at the small car park of Cwm Gwdi (grid reference  02393 24747 or see the map). You are expected to pay a £3 charge to help maintain paths.

You need to pay to park on the quiet route to Pen y Fan
Cwm Gwdi meter

Bring cash or expect to spend 10 minutes grappling with the parking app (I suggest you download the app before arrival). National Trust members park for free, but remember to bring your NT membership card.

Straight away the track begins to climb.

The first climb on the quiet route to Pen y Fan
Walking away from the car park

Shortly you’ll be in open countryside with the hills in front of you.

The route ahead

The route rises steeply

The early climb on the quiet route to Pen y Fan
Looking back at the scene below

On a glorious day, that we were lucky to find, it is not very long before you can see for miles.

And easily make out the route you have climbed.

There is still further to climb before the path flattens out for awhile.

Looking back on the start of the quiet route to Pen y Fan
Still further to go

Part two of the climb

For a short distance the path levels out a little with just a gentle slope.

The summit ahead on the quiet route to Pen y Fan
The objective lies ahead
Further to go on the quiet route to Pen y Fan
Two more climbs

The landscape is barren and there were not even any sheep around for company. As you can see from the photos there were hardly any people climbing from this side of Pen Y Fan.

The Summit

The final push and we’re almost there.

A great view on the quiet route to Pen y Fan
You can begin to look down on other summits

At last we reach the top of Pen Y Fan and regain our breath and look around at these magnificent views of the countryside below and the rest of the Brecon Beacons.

Having seen hardly anyone on our ascent I was a little surprised to find so many people at the top. All of them either taking their picture beside the trig point announcing 886 m or admiring the landscape around us.

We had walked 3.5 km but it seemed much further.

Corn Du

A short distance away lies another high point, Corn Du.

Here is a picture of the quiet route to Pen y Fan
The path from Pen Y Fan to Corn Du

Corn Du is slightly lower at 873 m, but it also provides some dramatic scenery.

Here we took a well earned rest and sat down for our lunch. Corn Du had far fewer visitors than Pen Y Fan.

The road back down

A steep descent from Corn Du takes you to a ridge. Proceed along the ridge and you will find an obelisk dedicated to a 5 year old boy who was discovered here in 1900. The tragic story is beautifully told on the National Trust site.

The large llyn on the quiet route to Pen y Fan
Llyn Cwm LLwych

From the ridge you can clearly see Llyn Cwm LLwych. On a hot day it is a very enticing sight. A llyn is the welsh name for a tarn. I also learnt that LL at the beginning of a word in welsh is pronounced as if it was CL in English. I have been mispronouncing welsh names for decades.

The route takes you down to the llyn. Check out the map to see exactly where you turn off the ridge. This descent is quite tricky with several large steps down.. Once by the lake you can look back up at the route you have taken.

Here at the llyn you may feel like dipping your toes in the water. However, even in June on a very hot day the water was cold.

A gentle route

After the severe drop from the ridge the remainder of the route down is very gentle.

Eventually you arrive at the road. This is a very quiet lane that takes you over the stream with a pool.

A cool temptation at the end of the quiet route to Pen y Fan
tempting pool

For an accurate guide consult the map. The route on the lane is just under ½ mile. The final part however is the hill back up to the car park. After the 8 miles of walking this last section I found quite tough. However I was pleased to finished the walk and thoroughly enjoyed the route.

What next?

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