Share your walk on

Covid and the lockdowns have encouraged more of us to take advantage of our local environment and enjoy walking. Now is the time to share your walk for others to enjoy.

Virtually all of us have a smart phone that allows us to track our walk with the phone’s built-in GPS system.There are many apps available that are both free and will record your walk. Find out about a few of those apps here.

Helpful hints on how to share your walk

A few steps to sharing your walk on our commercially free web site. These few simple steps will allow others to easily track your route

  • Record the walk on your new smartphone app
  • Export the GPX file of the walk (all the apps do this)
  • Take a few photos with your smartphone
  • Write a few words about the walk
  • Register on
  • Upload this information to share your walk with friends.

Export the GPX file

When you download any of the apps that record a walk you will have to register. You may find that you can’t export the GPX file from the smartphone app. You may need to go to the apps web site in order to export.

Take photos with your smartphone

The smartphone cameras record the place where the photo was taken. Therefore, when you upload the images with the GPX file they will appear exactly on the route connecting the path with the image.

Write a few words

When you describe the walk here are a few things you might want to include:

  • How to arrive at the start.
  • How difficult is the walk
  • Type of footwear required
  • Best time of year to
  • Any notable features about places on route
  • Eating and drinking spots you encountered

Register on the site and upload

We like to be able to respond to people who provide walks to and the easiest way is for them to register and then upload the files and info.

However we understand that not everyone wants to register, even on a commercially free site. The alternative is to email the info.