Roubion easy mountain walk, grand views, historic village

The Roubion easy mountain walk combines fabulous mountain views, a steady but slow climb, open pastures and forest paths. There are fewer better places to be on a beautiful autumn day than Roubion and its surroundings. This 11km (6.8 mi) walk is a delight with sufficient effort for a sense of achievement, but not so much that you feel exhausted.

Roubion beautiful mountain walk

How to get there

From Nice take the M602 along the Var Valley past St Martin Du Var. Take the M2205, which follows the Tinée river valley. This is a very easy route that has been much improved in recent years. When you arrive at Saint-Sauveur-sur-Tinée look out for the M30 to Roure and Roubion. The M30 climbs steeply up to Roubion. The journey from Nice takes approximately 90 minutes by car.


Begin the Roubion easy mountain walk in the centre of the village. Roubion sits high above the Tinée Valley. For an exact location open the map.

Roubion easy mountain walk provides great views
Looking down to the Tinée Valley

The 12th century village sits on the mountainside at an altitude of 1350 m and faces south. From the beginning of the walk there are magnificent views out towards the Tinée valley below. If has a tiny population of 105.

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Follow the signs for the Via Ferrata which head westward out of the village.

My wife and I stayed at the Le Rupicapra B&B, which I believe is the only guest house in the village. On the night we stayed we found that neither of the two restaurants were open for an evening meal. Our landlady couldn’t cook for us, but she didn’t convince the one shop to open up in order that we could buy some cheese and ham.

The stairs wind up past the B&B and you’ll see many a painting on the walls as you pass along.

Out of the Village

You soon pass the last inhabitable house in the village.

Leave the village on the Roubion easy mountain walk
Last house in the village

Although there are more individual homes further along this section of the path.

You can see by the picture below how the village sits below mountain above.

You are protected from rockfalls on the Roubion easy mountain walk
The strong netting to protect the village

As you proceed along this narrow path always keep to the right. The route splits and takes you up the hill at the point below.

The path splits, keep to the right and upwards

A steady climb

The route rises along the side of the hill and you will continue to look out on great views.

Another spectacular view on the Roubion easy mountain walk

We came upon this little structure and were not sure of its purpose.

Possibly a disused shrine, but if anyone knows please add it to the comments below.

More beautiful views on the way up.

The weather was beautiful on the Roubion easy mountain walk

But perhaps the most heart warming views on this section of the route is the view below.

The hardest part of the climb on the Roubion easy mountain walk

The sign ahead signifies the end of the steep rise on this walk.

Path joins a track

When you arrive at the signpost turn sharp right. You have completed the hardest part of the journey and the steepest climb. This doesn’t mean there isn’t further to rise, but it’s no where near as steep.

The track continues slowly upwards through the forest and takes a hairpin turn. Continue along this track and it opens up into an open meadow area known as The Haut Falcon.


Along this part of the track there are a number of isolated houses. Shortly after you pass the last of these buildings you’ll find a path which will almost take you back on yourself.

This might be a good time to check out the map again.

The route is still rising on the Roubion easy mountain walk
Sharp turn here

The photo above is the point at which you turn. You are now about half-way round Roubion easy Mountain walk.

Crête et Bois de Falcon

The path continues to go up, but only slightly and you are almost at the summit or the Ridge of Falcon. after approximately 500 m you’ll meet a crossroads in the path. Turn left.

Just over the ridge of falcon on the Roubion easy mountain walk
Crest and Woods of Falcon

The track begins to descend and wind through the woods. You have finished the climbing for the day.

Through the trees you cans the other side of the valley where the mountains are much steeper.

When you catch a glimpse of the view below you need to pay attention because your route turns off to the right shortly afterwards.

The view of the other side of the valley on the Roubion easy mountain walk
Turn very soon

We missed this turning and only with the help of a passing forest ranger did we get back on track.

Off the track to a narrow path

The entrance to the offshoot from the main track is a little bit tricky for the first few steps. After this point it is narrow but easy walking.

A narrow path on the Roubion easy mountain walk
Narrow path descends along the side of the mountain

This is a very simple route to follow. If you experience the same weather then wandering down the path, with the sun shining through the trees, will be exhilarating.

Turn at this sign

When you arrive at this sign turn back on yourself and continue to descend.

A clearing in the woods on the Roubion easy mountain walk
A clearing in the forest

At one point there is a clearing in the forest with a path coming in from the left. Just continue straight on.

As we passed along the forest floor had many different types of fungi. We didn’t have the nerve to pick any of them.

Fungi all over the place

Continue on down.

The final track

You may want to check the map as you descend. Eventually you’ll arrive at a signpost.

Almost home on the Roubion easy mountain walk
The signpost to lead you home

Turn right heading for Roubion. The track is more or less flat from here on in. From the route there are better views of the valley below and the mountains opposite.

The village clings to the mountain on the Roubion easy mountain walk
Roubion ahead

As you pass along the track you can glimpse the church at Roubion sitting on the edge of the mountain.

Continue along the path until you meet the car park at the end of the village and pass through the arch. Here you’ll find a little square with restaurant and church.

Roubion Chapel

Make your back through the village to where you started. We hope you enjoyed this walk as much as we did.

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