Northwood 2 hour walk for enjoyment and fitness

Northwood Circular 2 hour moderate walk
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More Details

This Northwood 2 hour circular walk begins and ends at Northwood station. The walk is just over 5 miles and requires 123m of ascent and the highest point is 106m.

In this time of coronavirus you might not want to begin at the station. If that’s the case, then drive and park along Eastbury Road just into Hertfordshire where the parking restrictions change. This point is marked on the map above.

From Eastbury Road the walk follows the Middlesex/Herts border. Planted along the border are a whole series of oak trees that must be at least 200 years old. In some places they take up almost the full width of the path.

One of the boundary oaks on our 2 hour walk

You shortly join the London Loop and the route rises to Bartchworth Heath. To get there you need to cross the A404 Rickmansworth Road. This is a busy road and can take a lot of patience. Once across this thoroughfare pass through the car park of The Prince of Wales pub. This hostelry is well known for their exotic dancers, well that’s what the sign on the door used to say before lockdown. Honestly I have never been inside.

Cross over White Hill and follow the path southwards. You need to have decent boots on here when it is wet because the ground gets muddy and churned up. The early part of the track is easy to follow as it takes the line of the pylons

White Hill pylons are a directional finder

The track will take you to the other end of White Hill and you’ll pass through the dogging car park. Avoid eye contact with anyone loitering and cross back over White Hill to Jacket Lane.

Avoid dogging or the walk will take you longer than 2 hours

Northwood Circular Walk – Part 2

Jacket Lane connects through to Ducks Hill Road, but slips into a gravel path at the bottom of the descent. At this point you can cross the field if you don’t mind sharing the space with horses. A couple of months ago we stopped here to have a cup of coffee and after a few minutes the lead horse came along and wanted to snuggle up. If you don’t like horses this is a bit disconcerting.

You can't see the horses but they are lurking nearby

Fortunately you can avoid the horses and just continue along the lane. We were accompanied by a young lad who looked about 6 and rode his bike past us and ahead to the top of the lane. He then proceeded to hurtle down the gravel path at top speed shouting a warning so we would jump out of the way. Oh what fun to be young!

Out of Jacket Lane and quickly into Ruislip Woods. This downhill section, through the woods, skirts the back of Copse Wood Way and then The Broadwalk. It’s an opportunity to look into the back gardens and see how the other half live.

Northwood Golf Course is part of the circular walk

The route then turns sharp left and takes you between the back of Linksway and Northwood Golf Course. This is another chance to poke your nose into the back gardens of the better off.

Cross Copse Wood Way and into a small patch of green and then onto Green Lane and you are soon back at Northwood tube station.

A very pleasant 2 hour circular walk around Northwood.

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