Northolt loop walk through the green spaces in our suburbs

Northolt loop walk – a countryside ramble in the suburbs. Spend 3 delightful hours, away from the traffic, roaming through parks, meadows woodland and more. Visit an ancient church, explore a medieval moat. Look out for kingfishers, snipe and nuthatch as you explore the Yeading Valley

The walk consists of 8.5 miles (13.5) of easy trails with very little in ascent. You’ll need walking boots as part of the trail are muddy. Because of the extensive nature of the green areas this route will bring pleasure to every dog. I hope you enjoy the journey as much as I did.

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The walk begins at Northolt station on the Central Line and several bus routes. Turn right out of the station and cross the road. Take the first turning on the left which heads diagonally away from the main road. Shortly you’ll arrive at a sign announcing the Northolt Countryside Park.

The Countryside Park
St Mary’s Church

There is an opportunity here to visit and walk around St Mary’s Church. The small anglican parish church dates back to the early 12th century, but this probably sits on the site of a previous church as a 1086 document mentions a local priest. Inside the font dates back to the 1300’s with brasses from the 15th and 16th centuries. Constructed of flint and timber the church body consists of a mere 13 by 8 metres.

The church sits beside the open space of Northolt Countryside park. Continue along the path past a mot dating back to approximately 600 AD.

Countryside Park on the Northolt loop walk
Northolt Countryside Park

Northolt route & the Grand Union

The path takes you around the edge of the park and down an alley way to a footbridge that crosses the Grand Union Canal.

The Grand Union on the Northolt loop walk
Cross the Grand Union

The towpath passes underneath the A40 so for a short time you can hear the roar of the traffic overhead, however this quickly disappears as you proceed along this rural section of the canal.

The canal section of the walk is quite long so you probably need to check the map to see which footbridge you need to take to keep on the track.

Yeading Valley & Meadows

Part three of the tour follows Yeading Brook and the Hillingdon Trail.

You maybe lucky enough to catch a kingfisher, nuthatch or snipe as you pass through these wide open meadows or pass along the banks of Yeading Brook. You are now over half way round the Northolt loop walk.

Woodland adventure on Northolt tour

After crossing Kingshill Avenue the path switches to a woodland scene.

The golden red of the fallen leaves reminds us of the ever changing seasons each with their own charms. At the end of the this path you’ll encounter a small road. Turn right and proceed along towards the farm. The Hillingdon Trail turns off to the left and ignore this.

Please don’t follow our example and head into Westways Farm as there is a clear sign saying KEEP OUT. Just before the farm entrance is Golden Bridge.

Golden Bridge

Cross this peculiar looking structure and turn left. At the next junction keep left onto the path.

To the golf course

From here to the main road the path changes from solid underfoot to a proper roadway.

Leaving Westways farm on the Northolt loop walk
Leading away from Westways Farm

When the wooded area on the right fades away you’ll find yourself walking beside the West London Shooting Grounds and a less than attractive track.

Eventually you’ll arrive at the busy Ruislip Road. Crossing here is not so easy as there is no refuge to stagger your crossing. Go to the left side of the hedge and not to the golf range.

Find the path on the Northolt loop walk
Exit the field at the top right hand corner

The ground is a bit soggy underfoot and there does not look like there is an exit at the end of the field.

The path through the hedgerow will bring you out by the side of the golf range.

The golf course was virtually empty when we crossed it as you can see from the pictures above. This is another very good time to look at the map to make sure you know where to exit the course. Don’t make the mistake we did and go past the small cut through in the hedge. I have taken a photo as a marker of where to help you find the opening which you can see on the map.

Northolt Circular walk – final section.

You’ll leave the golf course and swing round the edge of a school.

At the end of this cut through you’ll turn right and then cross the A40

Cross the M40 on the Northolt loop walk

On the other side you return to suburbia.

Suburban roads on the Northolt loop walk

Continue straight ahead and turn right into Islip Park.

Coming to the end of the Northolt loop walk
Entrance to Islip Park

Unfortunately I didn’t take a picture of this pretty little park. Cross the park and weave your way back to the A312 and Northolt Station.

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