Mud free Chiltern Walk – Chesham to Pednor & back

The mud free Chiltern walk is ideal when the ground everywhere else is saturated. This 2 hr 20 min route keeps almost entirely to quiet country lanes. Enjoy spectacular views across the Chiltern Hills. Peak into some beautiful cottages and an historic 17th century farmhouse, up-dated in 1910 to the Arts & Crafts style.

Starting from Chesham and parking near the excellent Queens Head pub (HP5 1JD), the road runs uphill towards Pednor and loops round back to Chesham. The route includes a slight detour via Chartridge. Do not skip this or you will miss some stunning views over the Chess Valley and far beyond.

Chesham to Chartridge

The mud free Chiltern walk on a sunny day
Chesham to Pednor Bottom Loop
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More Details

Follow the Pednor Road and turn right into Westdean Lane.

Chartridge golf course on the mud free Chiltern walk
A glimpse of Chartridge golf course

Chartridge golf course stands on your right as you climb the hill. At the summit turn left at the T-Junction into Chartridge. Continue along the road until you reach The Bell. This pub obtained its first license in 1862 and supplied ales from the local Amersham Brewery. Apparently the most popular drink called Wellers Entire packed such a punch that no man could remain standing after 3 pints.

Take the footpath on the left just after the pub which heads down to Pednor Road. Enjoy the best of views from here.

Pednor Bottom to Pednor House

Descend steeply down until you reach Pednor Road. You have arrived at Pednor Bottom home to a ghost dressed in black who jumps out at passing motorists. Walkers can probably be confident of not spotting this apparition.

Turn right onto Pednor Road and the road then bears hard left. Look back to see the Chartridge Hill you have just descended.

One of the quiet lanes on the mud free Chiltern walk
Chartridge Hill

The road climbs again towards Pednor. At the top you pass some fine country properties.

The most notable of these homes is Pednor House.

Pendnor House on the mud free Chiltern walk
Pednor House

You can just see into part of the courtyard as you walk past this Grade II listed building. In 1910 new owners took over the 17th farmhouse and redesigned the house in, the then current, Arts & Crafts style. 10 years later the garden had a complete revamp. More information and photos are available on this Pednor House link.

Continue along the quiet Hollow Way and Drydell Lane until you return to the outskirts of Chesham and the excellent Queen’s Head pub.

The final part of the mud free Chiltern walk
The final leg of the tour in Drydell Lane

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