Le Rouret loop walk, from Village to Roman Camp

The Le Rouret loop walk is an easy 2 hour ramble above the village to the archaeological roman site on the summit of a ridge. From the top you’ll find fantastic views both of the Mediterranean and the hinterland.

The 7.5 km walk involves an ascent of 200 m across very firm ground, in the woods, gravel and tarmac.

View at the summit of Le Rouret loop walk
View of Gorge du Loup

Le Rouret

The village of Le Rouret sits on the D2085 about half-way between Grasse and Villeneuve-Loubet. Until the 1960’s the commune had a population of around 500. The village expanded soon after the completion of the D2085. People who have owned villas in the village include Roger Moore, Richard Wright (Pink Floyd), Bono (U2) , Richard Gervais and Madonna.

The route begins at the square in front of La Marie. Here you’ll find free parking. You may find it easier to look at the map on your phone to see where to begin.

If you have parked in the Place de La Marie, then climb a little way to another car park above and here you can see a sign for Roman Camp.

The start of the Le Rouret loop walk
The beginning of the tour

The Route Up

You’ll begin on this quiet road until it splits and you should bear right when you arrive at the No Through Road sign.

A split in the road on the Le Rouret loop walk
The road peters out in 100 metres

Look out for the yellow dashes on trees, rocks and telegraph poles. As long as you follow these markers you’ll find it easy to keep to the correct path.

Soon the road turns sharp right and disappears. There is a short climb. At the top of the climb cross over another road and continue straight on.

Downhill on the Le Rouret loop walk
Descend into the valley

The route now descends. At the bottom of the hill turn right and take the path to the left up a gentle slope.

Keep to the left

The path now rolls on upwards in the forest.

Into the forest

Keep a look out for the yellow markers and you’ll find yourself in an oak wood.

The path winds through the Bois du Rouret. If you are lucky enough to visit on a sunny day in autumn you’ll see the rays of the sun penetrating the forest and creating magical shadows.

The path widens

After various twists and turns which you’ll easily navigate if you keep an eye out for the yellow markers and use the map, the path suddenly widens out and turns to gravel.

Cycle path on Le Rouret loop walk
A gravel path leading to the summit

The views become spectacular as you ascend.

Fabulous view on Le Rouret loop walk
A view of the Med

Here we can see Cagnes-Sur-Mer and Nice airport in the distance.

The summit and site of Roman Camp

As you near the top of the Le Rouret loop walk you’ll arrive at a sign which explains why an area is fenced off.

Truffle hunters home

There seems to be a section of the hillside dedicated to truffle hunting. The Alpes-Maritimes syndicate of black truffle producers is responsible for this area. They have a facebook page and apparently the truffle season starts in early December.

When you arrive at the top you suddenly realise that wonderful views appear on the other side of the ridge as well.

View of Gorge du Loup

All along the summit there are seats and picnic tables for you to relax and enjoy the panoramas.

Continue along the ridge and you’ll find the Roman Camp.

The Roman Camp on the Le Rouret loop walk
Site of Roman Camp

There is no other indication that this area is of archaeological importance other than the sign above.

The return Journey

The journey back is very easy. At the beginning you’ll retrace your steps along the wide path and pass the signpost photographed below.

Take the path to La Bergerie

Head on down keeping to the wide path and towards the Bergerie. You may hear the sound of the bells from the sheep grazing on the hillside.

The sheep on the Le Rouret loop walk
Sheep grazing on the hillside

The path essentially runs downhill all the way except for a short dip just before the route turns left.

Look out for the exercise machines on your left. If you have energy to spare you might try one of these machines.

Exercise machines available to all

After a while the track finishes at a barrier under which you could limbo or walk around. From this point the route continues on a quiet road.

There are a number of very large and attractive houses that can be glimpsed from the roadside.

The final section of Le Rouret loop walk
The road back

Keep to the road and look out for the right turn where you’ll join the path that you climbed up at the start of the walk. Check out the map to make sure you don’t pass the turning.

What next?

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