Record your route with one of these 5 smartphone apps

Now it’s easy to record your route using your smart phone. Many apps allow you to export a GPX file that can be imported into

Here are 5 apps we’ve tested

Ordinance Survey – OS Maps

The Ordinance Survey app lets you recoup your route in Great Britain

The Ordinance Survey has a long history stretching back to the mid-eighteenth century. They have published maps for the public since the 1850’s and their OS Leisure Maps are the standard for outdoor activity in the UK.

There is a free version of the app that covers the UK. This free version records your route and can export a GPX file. This file can be imported into and other apps.

Upgrade to the Premium version, at a cost of £29.99 per annum and you get access to 6 further styles of maps, including OS Leisure and two satellite views.


Komoot worldwide is good value and allows you to record your way.

Komoot offers a permanently free version of their app, but for only one region. We choose London because that is where we live. This region’s pretty large as it incorporates the whole of greater London.

This free version offers lots of great facilities. Just like Google Maps, Komoot will find the best route for walkers when you enter a destination. Because Komoot is directed at walkers and cyclists it will look for off-road paths where appropriate. We have found many an unknown path using Komoot.

Komoot’s worldwide version costs of £29.99, which is great value for those walking around the country or overseas. It will certainly allow you to record your route and export it.


Strava is a well established app available on the iPhone and Android. Its target audience is runners and cyclists who principally use it as a fitness app. For this audience it’s probably the market leader, but it also records your route for export as a GPX file.

Strava provides clear information on the time and distance of any workout as well as pace, weather and elevation.

Strava’s biggest weakness is the actual map. It is very basic and makes it difficult to discover new paths. Essentially it’s OK if you know where you are going.

The annual cost varies from £18.99 to £47.99 depending on the level of features you choose. There is a 30-day free trial.


A Mac only app for recording a Route

Footpath has only a 7 day free trial after which the annual fee of £21.49 kicks in.

I have only used the trial version, but found the map view difficult to read. I wasn’t tempted to go the whole hog and pay the fee.

Footpath provides the usual information about time, distance and ascent and it connects the info to Apple’s Health app. You can export a GPX file so it can be used to send your trail to

Footpath is only available for the iPhone.


MapMyWalk is well advertised across the internet and there is a free version. This free version does the job of recording your route and allowing you to export the file to

If you use the free version you will be bombarded by adverts from 3rd parties or to upgrade to the Premium Version for £5.49 per month or £27.99 per annum.

However, Under Armour is extremely intrusive. The company wants you to agree to it and its affiliates using your sensitive personal data to provide wellness and fitness services. And they will ask you a whole lot of questions when you register. In addition they will transfer your personal data to the US where this information is not so well protected.

At least Under Armour explicitly inform of how they will abuse your data, but it doesn’t encourage me to participate.


If you live in the UK OS Maps is great and the free version does the job. Upgrading OS Maps and you’ll receive the improved Leisure Maps view.

If you only walk in one region Komoot is excellent and thee best value if you enjoy your walking in many countries.