Discover rural Ruislip on your doorstep – a family walk

Hidden Hillingdon
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Despite the fact that Ruislip is a busy suburb there is a hidden part to this area of London. We invite you to discover this rural Ruislip which is on your doorstep with an easy 90 minute to 2 hour walk.

You can start anywhere on this circular walk that is 7 km (4.4 miles) which has no significant hills. If 7 km is too far for you then shorten it by avoiding the loop around Ruislip Lido. However, you would miss the great beauty that is Ruislip Woods.

Start on the Pinn Way

We parked in Pinn Way. Our start to the joys of rural Ruislip had begun. Step onto the Celandine Way which runs from Pinner all the way to the other side of Brunel University. This area of green is noted for the ancient Motte & Bailey remains that are part of Manor Farm. The farm is run by the Borough of Hillingdon as a community centre.

Before you reach Bury Street take a few moments to admire the beautiful poplar tree that sits in the middle of the path. See it’s branches reach upwards as if in prayer. Cross Bury St and keep to the tarmac path which deviates to the left. Do not cross the Pinn at this point.

This section is the least interesting part of the journey. You emerge onto an intersection and you turn right. Here you climb the slight incline that is Hill Lane and down the other side. At the bottom turn sharp right again. This open space was Ruislip Golf Course. The course was purchased by HS2 in September 2019 from Hillingdon Borough. You can roam the non-fenced areas of the course.

Rural Ruislip - the old golf course

Cross the river Pinn at the corner of the field and join the Hillingdon Trail. Here are more open spaces to enjoy. We wandered this route on a Friday morning and saw very few people along the way.

Discovering the open spaces of Ruislip

You continue on through smaller open spaces and cross Ladygate Road to Howletts Lane. Here is a pharmacy a newsagent and a couple of other local shops.

At this point the little stream that is Common Brook is on your right and there are more green spaces ahead.

The hidden green spaces of rural Ruislip

Ruislip Lido and Woods

From here turn left into Bury St and Ducks Hill Road and shortly turn right towards Ruislip Lido. It’s disappointing to see Ruislip Lido beaches closed and barriers in place. There are still two cafés open so you might chose to rest here.

Ruislip Lido beaches closed

The council decided that social distancing won’t be maintained and they can’t control the people. The result is simple close the beaches. Despite this you can still walk around the perimeter of the Lido. They are plenty of places to stop sit down and treasure the open environment.

Once you pass Haste Hill Station of the miniature railway you are heading back and in the shade of the woods. This part of Ruislip Woods is known as Park Wood and provides pleasant shelter from the hot sun.

Ruislip Lido Path another essential nature of rural Ruislip

When you arrive at Woody Bay Station turn left and follow the path upwards and over the ridge. From here it is straight on all the way until you arrive at the River Pinn again.

The discover rural Ruislip walk with it’s combination of woods, open spaces and hopefully soon to be opened play areas is a joy.

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