Climb to 700+ M

We all have breakfast together, except Nick.

The campers arrive at the Dragon Inn and enjoy breakfast with Chris and I. Nick is responsible for the map reading and direction for the rest of the group.

Crickhowell 23 March 2019 - Chris, Ian, Jon, Nick, Ray, Steve
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We set off at around 10:15 and go along the usual way along the main road and then off to the left. It is a pretty constant climb for about two hours. Of course we have mini stops along the way for water and the occasional breather. We eventually arrive for lunch, not quite the top but close to it. Chris is always first, Ray was second, Nick third, me fourth, Jon fifth and Steve last. Not that it was a race up there but reflected accurately our ability to do the climb.

After lunch we decided not to go the longest route in case it would be too late getting back. Eventually we reached the highest point on the route which was just over 700 m. When we arrived at that point a couple also arrived. They were there to help runners who were doing a 3 mile run straight up and down the mountain. 

A few minutes later we saw the leader of the race. He was already way ahead of anyone else in the race. It seemed that almost as soon as we saw him running up the hill past us, he was running down the mountain at such a rapid speed it looked incredible dangerous. Others came up and down after him probably 5 minutes later. All of them seemed to descend with a broken ankle as the most likely result.

Returned to Crickhowell and we had walked 18.6 KM. I was impressed. 

In the evening we went to The Bear. The place was really busy. The quality of food didn’t match The Dragon. 

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