Climb the Chiltern hills – an invigorating 11 km walk

Explore the best of the Chilterns
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Climb the Chiltern Hills on this 11 km (7 mile walk) and explore the beautiful countryside in the heart of England. The path takes you across a large open common, over rolling hills and into shady woodland. You’ll love the scenery even on a dull day.

Although the highest point is only 198 m (650 ft) you’ll climb over 274 m (900 ft) in total. We took 4 hours to complete the tour, at a leisurely pace, including a 30 minute stop for a picnic lunch.

You’ll need to drive to arrive at the start of this walk. because it’s a long way from any public transport.

Thanks again for the folks at Fancy Free for publishing this route and for Phegophilos the author.

Maidensgrove Common

The tour begins at one corner of Maidensgrove Common which is a vast expanse of open land. The journey takes you from one corner to the opposite end which took us over 30 minutes.

Maidensgrove Common at the start of the Chiltern Walk

The Common is for dog walkers. We encountered two labradoodles racing towards us. It was like being attacked by two giant friendly bath rugs.

At the end of the Common you enter the shaded woodland. Much of the remainder of the journey is in the woods. You join the long distance Chiltern Way at the same time.

Chiltern Way Arrows to guide you
The Arrows help you to follow the Chiltern Way.

The white arrows marking the Chiltern Way helped us a lot. At this point we found it difficult to follow the directions supplied by Fancy Free. It would have been easier if F.F. directions had simply said “keep to the Chiltern Way”. However, keeping to the Chiltern Way was like riding a very slow rollercoaster up and down up and down.

Climb the Chiltern Hills part one

But the effort was worth it, breathing in the fresh oxygen from the tress and enjoying the tranquility of the forest.

The return journey

After crossing Hollandridge Lane the route descends again and you enter Fire Wood. Here you leave the Chiltern Way and follow the valley floor, passing Turville Park Farm and some pretty holiday cottages.

Along this section we stopped for our quick picnic where we saw a pair of foxes peering out of the woods across the fields.

The route turns sharply right and rises again with some special views to the left as you climb the slope. Before you is everything that is enchanting about the British countryside.

Another climb of the Chiltern Hills
View across the English Countryside

As we came to the top of the hill to the right was a field of barley. Swooping above the crops was a flock of swifts collecting their lunch.

The swift swoop across the barley

After being fascinated by the swifts we descended to the hamlet of Pishill. This section of the walk takes you along the road and past The Crown Inn. On happier days this would be a great place to stop for a drink, but Covid meant it was shut.

You continue along the road until the vineyards on either side of you come to an end at which point you turn left. Again you climb, this time past some very attractive houses and then into Long Wood. As you emerge from Long Wood you’ll find a bench that looks out across another beautiful Chiltern panorama.

Pass through to Doyley Wood which provides you with your final descent and ascent. All that is left is to cross an open space, pass though someones fine driveway at which point you’ll see your car ahead.

You will now have completed an invigorating climb of the Chiltern Hills. Congratulate yourself and look back with a great deal of pleasure on a lovely day out.

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