Chorleywood Common & Philipshill Wood – great dog walk

Chorleywood Common & Philipshill Wood is a 5 mile circular hike that begins and ends on the Common. While the walk passes through the town there are plenty of places for your a dog to play, in the woods, the open fields as well as on the Common. This time of the year it is a bit muddy so you need boots.

The route includes the Anglo-Saxon boundary between Mercia and Wessex and the ancient Philipshill Wood where you can catch a glimpse of a Tawny Owl, maybe deer and rabbits.

The start and finish of the Chorleywood Common & Philipshill Wood walk
Christ Church, Chorleywood Common

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ChorleyWood Common Philipshill Woods
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More Details

ChorleyWood Common

Begin the walk at the parking space on the Rickmansworth Road just near the cricket clubhouse. Follow the avenue of oak trees across Chorleywood Common heading towards Chorleywood itself. Remember that this was all part of the Manor of Rickmansworth and the feudal landscape.

The local council now owns the Common and within its boundaries is a 9 hole golf course as well as the cricket club. The friends of the common assist in the upkeep of the Common and make it a very attractive place to roam.

The avenue on the Chorleywood Common & Philipshill Wood walk
The Avenue

Cross over Common Road and enter what looks like a private estate. The gate maybe closed but there is always a space to walk through.


Emerge from the small estate and face Chorleywood Station. The station was opened in 1889, which explains the large number of victorian properties in the village.

Climb up Shire Lane and keep to the right hand side of the road. Here there is a side road which is very much quieter than the main route. It’s a good time to admire the homes on the road.

A victorian Villa on the Chorleywood Common & Philipshill Wood walk
A large Victorian home on Shire Lane

Keep straight on as the road levels out. It looks like a private road with more very attractive houses on the left hand side.

Old Shire Lane

The start of Old Shire Lane on the Chorleywood Common & Philipshill Wood walk
Mist on Old Shire Lane

Parts of Old Shire Lane represents the boundary between Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire today. This lane and footpath originally divided the Anglo-Saxon kingdoms of Mercia and Wessex. The roadway section has some lovely houses on the Hertfordshire side of the boundary.

Philipshill Wood

Follow the map along Old Shire Lane until you arrive at Philipshill Wood. This ancient woodland offers a place of quiet seclusion.

The wood provides a home for muntjac deer, badgers, tawny owls and woodpeckers. Your dogs may well be excited by the scent of deer and rabbits.

The route crosses an area of open farmland with a group of dead burnt trees in the centre.

Open fields on the Chorleywood Common & Philipshill Wood walk

Continue to follow the path over a stile and then return to the wood. When you are back keep to the right and you will pass a house hidden in the trees on the right.

At this point take the path that doubles back and follows a fence on your right all the way to the bottom of the hill. When you get to the gully turn right through a gate and keep to this track until you return to Old Shire Lane.

You are now halfway round the Chorleywood Common & Philipshill Wood walk.

Back towards Chorleywood

Join the lane and continue along the route for a short distance. As it is in a gully you may find it a little muddy along here.

The last part of Old Shire lane on the Chorleywood Common & Philipshill Wood walk

Old Shire Lane turns right after a short while but you continue straight on. The construction of HS2 has cut off many of the footpaths around here so keep to the route or you may find yourself walking for longer than you expect.

There is now a nice uphill climb as the route turns sharp left. From the top you have some great views across the countryside.

Looking back from the climb

Continue across the open fields until you pass the children’s playing field and cross Long Lane.

Cross Long Lane on the Chorleywood Common & Philipshill Wood walk
Long Lane

Follow the sign towards the MOT garage and just continue downwards until you arrive at Chorleywood Bottom. Here you turn right and then left back up onto the Common. At the top, and before you cross the railway bridge, look back at Chorleywood.

Looking back on Chorleywood

Keep to the path and you will easily find your way back to the cricket pitch and your car. You’ll find many more dog owners on the common than in the whole of the rest of the walk.

What next?

If you enjoyed the Chorleywood Common & Philipshill Wood you can find more great walks at Find a Walk – Britain.

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