Centenary Walk from Snaresbrook Road northwards

Centenary Walk
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The Centenary Walk runs from Wanstead Flats northwards to Epping. We walked from Snaresbrook Road (E110) northwards to half-way across the Woodford golf course. We turned back here because the rain absolutely bucketed. This was not a circular walk so we retraced our steps.

In total we walked for 11 km (6.8 miles) there and back, and including 2 refreshment stops, it took us just over 3 hours. Despite the highest point on the journey only being 64m we ended up climbing a total of 143m.

The aim had been to meet at the marked car park on Snaresbrook Road. However this car park was closed, presumably because of Covid. We,therefore, turned down the road called The Forest and parked there. Parking here was a mistake. It cost us £65 each provided we paid early. We felt very aggrieved because there were no yellow lines on the road and we couldn’t find any indication of any parking restrictions for the road.

The walk

Throughout this walk I was trying to keep to the Centenary Walk marked on the Ordinance Survey app. I thought we might find plenty of markers along the way to guide us. Perhaps I was not sufficiently attentive, but in both directions, I found that we had strayed away from the route and needed to cut back towards our desired destination.

A substantial part of the walk is in the woods as the route is all part of the extended Epping Forest. However much of the ground is pure mud where the path has been over-trampled. This is especially true all around the lake next to Highams Park.

The lake does provide a good place to stop for a picnic. There are plenty of benches around where you can watch the world wander past.

We didn’t manage to meet our final planned destination of Warren Pond because the heavens opened and we were caught in a downpour on Woodford golf course. We found a little shelter, but chickened out and headed back.

By the time we reached Highams Park again the rain had stopped and it was back to being a pleasant day. We picked up a drink and snack at Humpry’s cafe and sat down again by the lake to consume our purchases.

Back to the car

The rain held off all the way back. The north circular road was as busy as ever. You would never believe there was any restrictions in place.

From the footbridge crossing the A406 there is a good view across London. I couldn’t make out any particular landmarks but you can see for several miles.

We arrived back at The Forest which is a vey pretty little road with a mixture of attractive houses.

The Forest

After admiring the architecture we turned to our cars to be horrified to find that they had stuck to the windscreen a yellow ticket with the words “PENALTY CHARGE NOTICE”. Are you meant to be happy that you can pay in so many ways these days?Early response brings the cost down from £130 to only £65.

What was really annoying about the parking ticket was that we couldn’t find anywhere where the parking restrictions were displayed.

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