Across Moor Park golf course on public paths is good exercise

6 May 2020 up to Moor Park Golf Course
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A five mile walk from Northwood along the Middlesex and Herts boundary up and across Moor Park golf club and back. The entrance to Moor Park golf club is the highest point on the walk at 116m, but the total ascent for the whole route is 155m

The tour takes approximately 2 hours to complete. I began the route from Sandy Lodge road and parked my car on the Hertfordshire side of the border where parking is free. However Northwood tube is not far away is you want to come by public transport.

Up to Batchworth Heath and Moor Park entrance

Start of the Northwood to Moor Park walk
Middx Herts border

The start of the walk follows a small part of the London Loop and the Middx/Herts boundary. Along this part of the border large oaks mark the boundary every 50 to 100 yards. You pass St Martin’s Prep school and then leave the narrow cut through and begin to climb.

The path takes you up to Batchworth Heath where you’ll find Ye Olde Green Manne. Back in 1903 it was just the Green Man, now, over 100 years later it markets itself as a gastropub. It is certainly more salubrious than it’s neighbour across the road, The Prince of Wales. This inn has had a sign outside for many years promising erotic dancers. I haven’t ventured in, so I am not sure how erotic they are.

Welcome to Moor Park Golf Course
Grand entrance to Moor Park Golf Club

The walk leaves the London loop when it enters Moor Park. In order to cross the golf course you need to find the public footpath.

Walk past the Green Mann on Batchworth Heath and take the first right. Continue and the road becomes a path. When the path arrives at the course keep heading in the same direction. After awhile you will see the markers that will guide you.

The public path crosses the magnificent golf course which is beautifully manicured. As you head north you look down on the Grade 1 listed club house. This original building was constructed in the late 17th Century by the Duke of Bedford. In the subsequent 300 years it has had many additions and extensions. The golf course itself dates back to 1923 and the days of Bertie Wooster.

Moor Park

The route descends through the whole length of the course down to Rickmansworth public course near Batchworh heath roundabout.

Turn right and follow along Moor Way until you enter Moor Park Estate. There are two alternative ways to return to the start, either via the estate or back through the golf course. If you love large houses built from the late 20s onwards they you might prefer to take the lower road.

We walked back through the golf course which is a much more energetic route. This way takes you past the club house and up to Batchworth Heath.

The grand palladian mansion that is Moor Park Golf Club

From Batchworth Heath it is back the way you came.

If you have just completed this walk then you can find more enjoyable routes at Find a Walk. If you want to contribute a walk read how you can record your walk with some free apps

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